Dr Liu's training in both traditional chinese medicine and western medicine brings a deeper insight into the health and wellbeing of her patients in Adelaide

Dr Liu (M.D. MSc. Dip.)


Dr Liu holds a Bachelors degree in Clinical Medicine from Shenyang College, a Diploma in Acupuncture and Massage from Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and a Masters degree in Health Sciences from the University of York in the United Kingdom. She has worked as an intern in China at both the Shenyang Hospital, and in the neurological department at the Liaoning hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and she has also  authored a number of research papers in leading international medical journals. Her medical degree has been recognised by the Australian Medical Council.

Dr Liu has worked as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist in the UK in private clinics in London’s Harley Street, Kensington and Wimbledon Village before movi0